Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Asian Aqua

The Brahmaputra is a trans-boundary river  and one of the major river of Asia.It is also called Tsangpo-Brahmaputra.It is originated in south-western  Tibet and flows across southern Tibet to break through the Himalayas.It also flows through the Assam Valley and South through the Bangladesh as the Jamuna river.Before 1787,there was no Jamuna river.The Brahmaputra changed it flowing direction after earth quake in 1787 and changing streams make a new river which is called Jamuna river. By the way, this is the longest river of the Asia.It has gorgeous charming scenery that can attract any people's mind and gives pleasure. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Titas & Sugandha River

The Titas river is  one of the beautiful river of Bangladesh.It is a trans-boundary river of south-eastern Bangladesh.This river is originates in the state of Tripura.After flowing near Agartala,it enters Bangladesh through Akhaura Upazila in the Brahmanbaria district.Then it merges with the Meghna river to the south near Ashuganj.The length of this river is 130km,the width is 100m and the depth is 7m.

The Sugandha river is a beautiful river of Bangladesh.It flows eastern near Shayestabd and falls into the Bay of Bengal after meeting with the Megna river at Sahbazpur in Bhola.Another offshoots of the Sugandha river flows south-southwest as the Kirtankhola upto Nalchity keeping the Barisal town on its west bank.The length of this river is 30km,the width is 1000m and the depth is 10m.The deltaic branches of the Sugandha river gradually disappeared making various Islands(in local language Chars) in many part of  the greater Barisal district.

The Matamuhuri River

The Matamuhuri river is one of the trans-boundary river of  Bangladesh.It originates from the Lushai hill of Tripura in India and enters Bangladesh through Parshuram Upazila of Feni district after flowing over the hilly regions of India.The length of this river is 120km,the width is 100m and the depth is 10m.At some places ,it limits the boundary between India and Bangladesh and falls into the Bay of Bengal after dividing the Feni and the Chittgong district.The river is under tidal influence near to the sea.This river is a line of  contention between the two neighboring countries,India and Bangladesh.There is a huge and advanced dam in the side of India.Thus in rainy season,the flood water can not cause much disaster in this portion but in Bangladesh opposite scenes  are shown.So this is main reason of border dispute.By the way,this river also stands for peace among the two nations.It stands for the harmony and also the historical help and support the India citizens offered during the Bangladesh crisis with Pakistan.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Mahananda & Khowai River

The Mahananda is a river which originates  in the Himalayas.It is a trans-boundary river that flows through the West Bengal,Behar and Bangladesh.It flows through Mahananda Wildlife Sanctury and descends to the plains near Silguri,it touches Jalpaiguri district.It  enters in Bangladesh to join the Ganges near the town of Chapai Nawabganj.The length of this river is 84km,the width is 300m and the depth is 10m.Mahananda river  is mainly fed by rainwater.During Rainy season,it often carries large amount of rainwater which often causes floods.But in Summer or Winter season,it has very low water level.It has some tributaries.The main tributaries are Balason,Mechi,Ratwa and Kankai.

The khoawai river originates from the eastern part of the Atharamura Hills of Tripura .The Khowai river enters Bangladesh at Balla in Sylhet district.It also flows in the east of Habiganj town and emerges into the Meghna near the mouth of the Kalni at Nabiganj..